Through the Fire and Flames

"Run along now, scum. Run along to the next cheap bar and the next cheap beer. Run along..." -Dying half-elf

After waking up in the middle of a barren wasteland surrounded by the wreckage of a burning caravan with no recollection of how they got there, the heroes immediately proceeded to loot every dead body they could find. In addition, they only found one survivor, a young half-elf who accused the party of causing the destruction. Rythian’s The heroes’ response was to chop off his head “to make sure that he was dead” and then loot the body.

Following footprints they found at the scene, the party arrived in a small cave with a dungeon hidden in the back. Then, after utterly failing to safely descend into the dungeon, the heroes killed a pair of bandits that tried to kidnap them. The party then received sustenance.

Continuing into the dungeon, the party came across another group of bandits lounging around, which included a flail master and an odd figure who insisted on calling everybody “old sport”. The heroes managed to kill one of the bandits, blind another, and severely wound a third, who then escaped the room and managed to enter the main corridor. Realizing the need to stop him before he warned anyone else in the dungeon of their presence, the heroes pursued him. However, in what can only be described as karma for killing the half-elf just two hours earlier, they proved to be unable to actually do anything to slow him down.



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