Of What is to Come

"You stay the hell away from me." -Mage

The session opened with the party chasing after the bandit who escaped them earlier. After a few minutes, they arrived at two massive pairs of brass doors. Threatening to otherwise open the doors and warn the entire dungeon of their presence, the heroes agreed to have Van escort the bandit out of the dungeon with a promise of no further violence by either side.

While Van was off doing this, the temporary lull in the fighting allowed the party to heal and regroup. After a few minutes of planning, the party decided to investigate what lay behind them on the door to the left. Hearing nothing, Rythian and Soveliss forced open the door to find a vast library. While Rythian and Fraus searched the shelves in hopes of finding old-style porn(they did) Soveliss decided to check out a mysterious figure at the other end of the room. When he grew close, a voice commanded him to stay away. Seeing nothing but a barbarian in a cage overhead that could have made the noise, Soveliss took the natural next step of aiming an arrow at the figure’s headed. The figure then responded by lighting Soveliss on fire with a wave of his hand, which isn’t really all that surprising considering that he had just spoken to Soveliss without opening his mouth.

Rythian attempted to summon a crab-like monstrosity from another dimension to kill the mage, but the creature faded from existence just before it attacked. Finding inspiration in Rythian’s action, the mage then sealed off the library from the outside world before summoning literally hundreds of ghosts to finish off the party. In doing so, however, he accidentally broke the cage holding the barbarian in captivity, releasing him from his imprisonment. Choosing to side with the party, the barbarian, Thog, cut off the mage’s head, causing his illusory ghosts to disappear. The heroes accepted Thog’s request to join the party, while at the same time realizing that it had been 45 minutes since they had heard from Van despite the fact that it only took 10 minutes to travel in and out of the dungeon.



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